I taught in the Los Angeles School System for 50 years.

A large number of kids are ready around the age of 4. This, of course, varies according to their exposure to educational experiences and their individual abilities.

Yes, I developed most of the material while teaching my kindergarten children.

1. I made learning fun by adding a lot of music to the curriculum.
2. I always encouraged them to keep trying and not to give up.
3. I taught them to always say, “I Can. I Can  I Can.”

Steps for Success
To ensure success, kids should be introduced to the Bingzy Program one step at a time.

Make sure they have learned the previous concept being taught before moving to the next step.

Step One – Introduce Bingzy through music. “A Bingzy Song”
Step Two – Teach the alphabet through music. “Bingzy’s Alphabet Song”
Step Three – Teach the “Show Me” songs. Student(s) should have mastered the alphabet
and are ready to begin blending and reading words.
Step Four – Reinforce blending skills through 1 2 3 Gotcha Game.
Step Five – Listen to the reader read the story “A Pesky Bug. Listen to it many times.
Step Six – Listen to the story “A Pesky Bug” without the reader. Try to read the story by following
the yellow dot. This may take many readings before you are successful.
Step Seven – Build Self-Esteem through music. The songs in step 5 can be introduced at any time to
build a student’s self-esteem. “A Bingzy Song,” “I Believe I Can,” and “Spreading Happiness.”

Spend as much time as the child allows.  When he/she indicates they are tired or has lost interest it is time to stop. It is great to stop while they are still motivated to learn.