Building Self-Esteem Bundle


Building Self-Esteem Bundle

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The words, “I can” were the focal point of my teaching to every student as well as to my own 2 children.

With this mindset, children from even the most challenging environments were able to realize their dreams. The more we instill these positive values into children, starting from the early years, the better their chances of having a bright future.


1 x A Bingzy Song

Bingzy is a bee-like character whose purpose is to encourage kids to have positive attitudes. Kids will get to know Bingzy's infectious, encouraging personality in A Bingzy Song. In this video, before you know it, A Bingzy Song's catchy tune will have kids not only singing but also believing that they are a positive thinker, to keep trying, and never give up. Enjoy! ~Arlene

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Build Self Esteem Video

1 x I Believe I Can

I Believe I Can was created because while teaching, I heard so many students say, "I can't" do something. I cringed every time. I  wanted to erase those words from their vocabulary. I decided to develop this song and video to instill in kids at an early age, the belief that I CAN do it and to keep trying. Things will not be easy but never give up. I'm happy to say...the song worked! ~Arlene    

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1 x Jump!

Jump! reminds kids the importance of exercising, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water. Nowadays, with technology, kids spend so much time indoors looking at screens. This is a great way to get them up, outside, and moving their bodies...while having fun.

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Our Building Self-Esteem materials for kids have been tested in traditional classrooms with teachers, children who are home-schooled, children with special needs, and in one-on-one environments. In all of these settings, the children have thoroughly enjoyed our materials, and they’ve proven to be effective learning tools when it comes to building self-esteem in kids.

The materials we produce are in music and/or rhyme, making it easy for young children, including those with special needs, to catch on.

Includes the video song Yes Siree.


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