Show Me How to Blend Letters

Show Me How to Blend Letters


After your child has learned the letters and sounds of the alphabet with ABC’s with Bingzy Bee, the next step is to blend the letters to form a word.

By using music and rhyme, Show Me How To Blend Letters is an original and fun way to teach kids how to blend letters together through a series of 9 videos.

Check out one of the videos in the preview below and let us know what you think.





When teaching my kindergarten classes to blend three-letter words, I found that many of the kids did not understand what I meant when I said, “blend the letters”.

So, I started to sing a song showing how to blend letters.  I called it the “Show Me” song.

I found that, by singing two letters together and adding the third, the kids were able to understand the concept of blending letters.  They quickly learned to use their blending skills to read not only three-letter words but soon they were reading sentences.

I hope you find this helpful!



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