Let’s Read: A Pesky Bug

Let’s Read: A Pesky Bug


Part 3 of your child learning how to read is having your child read the story, A Pesky Bug…about a cub and a pesky bug.

2 videos are included – one with the storyteller reading the story and one without the storyteller.

After listening to the story several times with the storyteller, encourage your child to read the second version of  A Pesky Bug without the storyteller.

Note: A Pesky Bug should be read after your child has mastered the Show Me How To Blend Letters song.




The story, A Pesky Bug is about a cub who can’t seem to get away from a pesky bug. Your child should read this cute story after they’ve mastered the Show Me How To Blend Letters videos in the previous section.

Have your child follow the yellow dot along with the words, as the storyteller reads the story.

Have fun reading!



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