I Believe I Can

I Believe I Can


I Believe I Can was created because while teaching, I heard so many students say, “I can’t” do something. I cringed every time. I  wanted to erase those words from their vocabulary.

I decided to develop this song and video to instill in kids at an early age, the belief that I CAN do it and to keep trying. Things will not be easy but never give up.

I’m happy to say…the song worked!






Bingzy, who’s a positive thinker, encourages kids to believe they can reach success.  Through video and song, Bingzy teaches kids there is no simple plan.  Success may not always be easy, but you must believe in yourself and keep trying.

“I Believe I Am A Winner!” is a belief that Bingzy wants kids to learn by heart and to always have on the tip of their tongue.


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