Learn To Read Bundle


Learn To Read Bundle

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We bundled our Learn To Read kids videos all-in-one, and we’re adding a nice surprise.

Our Yes Siree video, which encourages kids to aim high and not to give up, will be included.

Learn to read with ABCs Bingzy Bee Phonics

1 x ABC's with Bingzy Bee

ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics is the first step to teaching kids how to read. It's an animated, educational kids video that teaches the letters of the alphabet, along with their corresponding sounds in an original song. I recommend playing this video to kids as early as 2 years old so they can start learning the letters and their corresponding sounds at an early age. Send us a note and let us know how they did. I'd love to hear. ~Arlene

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1 x Show Me How to Blend Letters

After your child has learned the letters and sounds of the alphabet with ABC's with Bingzy Bee, the next step is to blend the letters to form a word. By using music and rhyme, Show Me How To Blend Letters is an original and fun way to teach kids how to blend letters together through a series of 9 videos. Check out one of the videos in the preview below and let us know what you think. ~Arlene  

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1 x Let's Read: A Pesky Bug

Part 3 of your child learning how to read is having your child read the story, A Pesky Bug...about a cub and a pesky bug. 2 videos are included - one with the storyteller reading the story and one without the storyteller. After listening to the story several times with the storyteller, encourage your child to read the second version of  A Pesky Bug without the storyteller. Note: A Pesky Bug should be read after your child has mastered the Show Me How To Blend Letters song.  

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Purchase all 3 Learn To Read kids videos at a discount! Plus, receive an additional bonus video – Yes Siree.

The end goal is for your child to start reading, which is a step-by-step process. Our Learn To Read Bundle takes your child through the process, from:

  1. Learning their ABC’s and corresponding sounds with ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics.
  2. Taking the letters and sounds they learned in ABC’s with Bingzy Bee and blending them together with the video, Show Me How To Blend Letters.
  3. And then finally, applying everything they learned in the first two videos and start reading with A Pesky Bug!




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